About Us

An evening, not so long ago, my wife and I were searching through the big internet shopping site (you know the one) looking to buy organic body scrubs and essential oils for our yoga studio and spa.

We waded through endless amounts of products, read reviews, verified the information and considered the price. Not just the monetary cost but also the cost to the planet.

We felt burdened by the long list of items that claimed to be organic but actually were not. Or the prices were out of whack. Our frustrations grew until I said out loud, “wouldn’t it be great if there was one website you could go to find all organic, sustainable made products?” And just like that, Good For Planet was born.

Now you can visit one site, browse for essential oils, or any particular item, and know that each item has been vetted so you can trust that the business who actually made the item is backed by a real person with similar beliefs and values. 

Good For Planet has trusted items…

    Made with organic ingredients

    Made in the USA or North America to avoid overseas shipping

    Use minimal or biodegradable packaging

    Use alternatives to plastic, like glass, whenever possible

    Use certified Fair Trade ingredients or are locally sourced

Feel good about the products you purchase whether you’re a hard-core plant based practitioner, a true minimalist or someone that just wants to make a better choice for the planet now and then.

Good For Planet does the research, knows the manufacturers, and share their stories with you so you can feel confident the next time you click “buy now.”