Complete peony rose nourishing skin care kit

Complete peony rose nourishing skin care kit


Six essential steps formulated with ultra-hydrating, nutrient rich ingredients to reduce the appearance of age spots, wrinkles & redness, balance skin tone and completely restore.

Aloe Lavender Herbal Face Wash

Hydrate and revive skin. Our biodegradable and sustainable sugar based cleanser with restorative herbs, aloe and honey, removes excess surface oils, sunscreen and make up for a fresh, healthy complexion.

Peony Rose Nourishing Toner

Our breakthrough botanical blend of supportive herbs including white peony, rose and ashwagandha, nourish skin and calm the appearance of redness. Replenish and strengthen with royal jelly, nettles and ginkgo, restoring a luminous, youthful complexion.

Rose Tangerine Hydrating Mist

This intoxicating blend of rose, ylang ylang and tangerine with aloe vera transforms dry, sensitive skin to glowing, while naturally calming the appearance of redness.

Pomegranate Ginkgo Transform Serum

Restore skin to flawless perfection. Our proprietary, antioxidant rich extracts, including ashwagandha, red clover and gotu kola activate radiance, fading the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. Nutritious and cold pressed rosehip, pumpkin and pomegranate seed oils replenish and firm skin.

Myrtle Burdock Rose Nourishing Face Cream

Beautify and renew dry, sensitive skin. Clinically studied botanicals including white myrtle, camu camu and deep sea kelp minimize the appearance of age spots and wrinkles while supporting skin’s elasticity. Burdock root, rose and aloe vera hydrate and calm redness, resulting in a clear, luminous complexion.

Green Tea Helichrysum Radiant Mask

Revive skin with our deeply penetrating medicinal herbal infusion containing shea butter and fine therapeutic oils. Calendula, tamanu, helichrysum, red clover, sandalwood and green tea enrich and completely restore dry, chapped or reddened areas, bringing back the radiance of youthful skin.


ashwagandha · burdock root · mullein
Vital Nutrients
vitamins E & C · ginkgo · pomegranate seed
Flower Therapy
rose · white peony · red clover
Bee Friendly
organic wildflower honey & royal jelly
Essential Oils
helichrysum · geranium · rose
Gluten Free


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