Complete Green Tea Skin Balancing Kit

Complete Green Tea Skin Balancing Kit


The perfect refuge for active or combination skin. A complete regime to regulate oil production, cleanse pores, brighten and detox skin for a flawless complexion.


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Walnut Honey Tea Luminous Face Scrub

Skin will love the stimulating effects of caffeine, rosemary and ashwagandha plus the exfoliating benefits of willow and walnut hull to smooth and brighten skin. Detox and tighten pores with rhassoul clay and burdock root, replenish with honey and aloe vera. The result: a fresh, healthy-looking complexion. Not vegan.

Honey Rosemary Herbal Face Wash

Invigorate and renew skin. Our biodegradable and sustainable sugar based cleanser with stimulating herbs and purifying essential oils, cleanses pores, removes excess skin oils and impurities for a clear, bright complexion. Not vegan.

Green Tea Sandalwood Balancing Toner

Green tea, sandalwood and reishi enhance skin’s resilience to the stresses of urban living, reviving a vibrant, youthful appearance. Burdock root and witch hazel balance oils and detoxify for a clear, refined complexion. Vegan.

Sandalwood Chamomile Calming Mist

Balance skin with sandalwood, chamomile and aloe vera, naturally evening skin tone, pore size and oil production. Nutmeg and sweet orange promote a clear, bright complexion. Vegan.

Green Tea Reishi Face Serum

Clinically effective levels of green tea, reishi and astragalus nourish and help skin adapt to the rigors of daily life, activating a vibrant, youthful appearance. Burdock root balances oils, aspen and goji brighten skin tone for a flawless complexion. Vegan.
This product contains fairly traded Marula and Baobab oils and your purchase directly supports reforestation projects in Africa.

Green Tea Sandalwood Balancing Face Cream

The perfect refuge for urban living or blemish prone skin. Regulate surface oils, pore size and detox daily for clear, no-shine skin with burdock root, green tea and reishi. Increase skin’s resilience with sandalwood and cedar, resulting in a bright complexion. Vegan.


willow · reishi · green tea · ginseng
Vital Nutrients
baobab · marula · vitamins E & C
Flower Therapy
chamomile · primrose · lavender
2 products are NOT vegan. See descriptions above.
Bee Friendly
organic wildflower honey
Essential Oils
sandalwood · cedar · lemongrass · lavender
Gluten Free
sulting in a bright complexion. Vegan.


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