Welcome to Good For Planet

Welcome to Good For Planet
July 21, 2019 goodforplanet
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Welcome to Good For Planet. We are excited to take you along on our journey to provide the very best, hand selected products to improve your wellness, health, appearance and overall joy.

Our first product line we have for sale is the Leaf People skin care line. We all want youthful, clear undamaged skin. Daily exposure to our increasingly toxic environment both inside and out can take a toll on our body’s largest organ, our skin. We have hand selected several products for both men and women that are 100% raw and organic and derived directly form nature.

In addition, these fantastic potions are delivered in glass bottles with minimal packaging. Each bottle is refillable, made in the USA and entrepreneur owned.

We first met Julie while spending time in Aspen, Colorado. My wife and I attended the local farmer’s market which not only included fantastic organic veggies and fruits but also many cool hand made items and crafts. We were particularly taken by Julie Levin’s array of skin care and her passion was visible as she explained how she sources her raw materials and has learned the fine art of putting that magic in a bottle. 

Check out Julie’s interview with Thriving in Chaos host Paulette Gloria Harwood here https://anchor.fm/thriving-in-chaos/episodes/Ep–14-Julie-Levins-Botanical-skincare-Journey-from-Alaska-to-Aspen-e44s7r

In the interview, Julie shares her insights into plant based skin care vs. chemically formulated commonly used skin care. “Because everything [Leaf People Skin Care] is certified organic and plant based, your skin really recognizes that. It wants to take it in. It wants those botanicals in it [your skin] has an affinity for that”

Leaf People products are energetically balanced meaning plants that assimilate with each other very well cohesively and energetically. They work in harmony to provide you with maximum benefit. 

Your function of your skin is to breathe, letting toxins out and letting moisture and nutrients in. leaf People’s blends help your skin do exactly that: nourish without blocking your pores. 

In addition we love her products because they are:

  • Made locally minimizing their carbon footprint
  • Self owned and run, no board, no shareholders so Julie can stay true to her purpose
  • Packaged mindfully 
  • Provide excellent personalized customer service

Photo by Randall Ruiz on Unsplash

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